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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Sprung cleaning

When I went to work yesterday there was a pile of garbage next to the door, the kitchen was disgusting (featuring tomato spattered walls behind the oven, science project fruit bowl, and something sticky covering ninety percent of the floor) and the bathroom shower had a distinctly slimey feel in the corners.

When I got home the apartment reeked of lemon but everything was tidy and clean and neat and guilt-inducing.

I'm thinking, as I walk in, that this isn't a good sign because generally when someone goes on a cleaning binge it means either they're too stressed for words, they're procrastinating from some undesirable task or they're really pissed off.

A little dodging around the subject and I'm pretty sure it's pissed off, and mostly because The Boy has not called in a few days, maybe for a week? And she's disappointed because it seemed like this guy wasn't a Guy and actually called when he was supposed to, and remembered important things.

I wish I got constructive when I was bummed. Mostly I just watch TV and go for long dramatic walks.


Blogger thurston said...

Is "The Boy" you of the gay guy?
I can't really offer much advice until I know ALL the facts.

Speak to you soon.


4:16 AM

Blogger thurston said...

Nevermind. I didn't read that right. I was having an off day.

At least your place is clean!

4:46 AM

Blogger theoriginalblowersdaugtr said...

Lol re: constructive actions when bummed out. I usually find a fast car and a clear road help to clear my mind. Or cooking or jogging...never, ever cleaning, though, unfortunately...

4:47 AM

Blogger josh's place said...

yeah thats normally why i clean is when i'm mad or really just have nothing else to do.

but that thing with a long drmatic walk i do that alot i mean every time something goes wrong i get a walking no matter what but it does seem to clam me down a bit.

2:27 AM


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