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Saturday, May 07, 2005


I am really rather stressed at the moment. There is a lot of stuff I have to get done for university, my place of work is currently understaffed and they're scheduling me on for eight hour shifts nearly every day and it seems everyone I know is having a Drama. All of which means that I'm feeling very thin at the moment.

For example, last night a friend of mine walked three hours in the dark to come see me. He wanted to tell me that a night club that he really loves is being forced to close down.

Yeah. I didn't believe that's why he came either.

He's just broken up with his girlfriend (who was a bisexual come to think of it-coinkydink? I think not) who is already seeing other people and he's still in the chocolate cake eating where did things go wrong stage. The thing is though...I was just too tired and too worn out and too over people in general that I couldn't handle him and sent him on his way with a pile of paper referring to the laws this nightclub of his has supposedly violated.

This working schtick sucks neh?


Blogger josh's place said...

well sorry to here things have been kind of rought on you at the moment hope things get better. yeah i know how those long work days can drain you i had this one job where i had to be at work ast 4:30a.m. till 6:00p.m. but my fave day was thursday i had to do invetory and i usally would not get out of there utill 2:00 and sometimes later than that but that's because we where under stafed there wasd me and two othere people but i had to do invetory by my self so i no how you must feel right now so hope things lighten up a little for you well take care

11:39 AM

Blogger thurston said...

Yeah, who hasn't fallen for that old "my favorite bar is closing, please have sex with me" trick. Good for you for sticking to your guns. I hope work goes ok this week.

Have a good rest of the weekend!

Speak to you soon.


11:23 AM

Blogger theoriginalblowersdaugtr said...

Ahhh, have a heart, tea cake! poor bloke's had his heartbroken! I do feel your pain on the 'being spread too thin and everyone wanting a piece of you" thing. While it's not the nicest feeling, maybe you need to be honest with people and tell them you need some me time so they don't take your actions as meaning that you don't care?? Argh, mensch...who knows? clearly, I don't have the answers to all of lifes issues coz if I did, I wouldn't have a blog...or have to work, even...

keep your chin up!

4:37 AM

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