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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Customer Satisfaction

Name: Emma
Mobile phone number: 1809324798134
May we contact you? Please do!!

Comments: Tim is really hot! Call me!!

It didn't work...It's just stuck up in the back room for everyone to laugh at.

Poor Emma.


Blogger thurston said...

Who's Emma, and why do I feel so bad for her?

I don't like feeling for people I don't know.

Details please!

1:47 PM

Blogger frogspots said...

There are customer satisfaction forms where I work, and obviously Emma fancied Tim so left a form for him. Sorry, guess that wasn't too clear.

12:34 PM

Blogger thurston said...

I gotcha. Thanks! I still feel bad for poor Emma.

7:47 AM

Blogger frogspots said...

I feel bad for her too.

2:46 PM


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